For Verbal Opinion-of-Value Appraisals.  

Fees vary.

These are for Verbal Opinion-of-Values – this process cannot be used for insurance legal purposes. Appointments are required for all – payment when registering – to guarantee you a spot.

These assessments give you an idea of its value. Should you go to the next stage for a full written appraisal for insurance, estate, legal purposes, etc., Peter and Marian do complete in-home full written (with photos and measurements) appraisals for insurance, donation, estate, divorce, downsizing, selling and other legal purposes.  Today insurance companies are wanting up-dated policies every five years – something to think about.  The market is changing so quickly, and there is always the threat of fire hanging over our heads.  Peter and Marian are both fully accredited Independent Appraisers – do not buy nor sell – just appraise – so there are no conflicts.

Peter and Marian do not assess jewellery, stamps, coins, guns, (swords are fine), wrist watches, (pocket watches are fine), militaria, items over 400 years old cannot be assessed at these shows.

They appraise just about everything else what with their huge reference library (which comes to the shows with them) – art, silver, furniture (has written 3 books and 1 ebook), glass, china, pottery, collectibles. With their books and the internet – they are able to find just about all the answers you are looking for. Not everything is on the internet.

Bring your items and show them to Peter and Marian.

Spend the day watching and learning what others have brought in.

Are you an organization/fun group looking for a Fund Raising Opportunity?  Call or email Peter for all the details on how this process works.

Come to one of these Events and watch.


HEIRLOOM DISCOVERY DAYS – Art and Antiques Roadshow

February 23rd and 24th –

Piccadilly Mall

1151 10th Avenue S.W., Salmon Arm

10:00 to 4:30 each day – in the Centre Mall – next to Jane’s Place (and great food!!)

We are delighted to be back in the mall again this year – and to help celebrate Heritage Week British Columbia and with the fund raising of the R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum – which is a wonderful little village on the outskirts of Salmon, a definite place to go and visit, take in the summer activities – and there are many.  But it is still winter so come and visit the Mall and all their heritage displays – there are a lot – and US!! the Blundells – We have been coming for many years now, thoroughly enjoying the happy ambiance, being part of this significant week of Heritage Thinking – and of course – our knowledge on art and antiques.  

What are we doing?  

This is a Roadshow for Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage – We – Peter and Marian Blundell – will be giving verbal opinion-of-value assessment of each item you bring in to show us.  

Not for insurance purposes but for your knowledge and today’s values, answer any questions you might have, downsizing?, estates?, estate planning? – whatever.  

All that silver you have acquired over the years – let’s look at it – value? – weight? – will have our scale, our silver charts tell us when, where it was all made.     

Our table is normally set up next to Jane’s Place on one side – little stage on other side for on-going mall heritage activities.  

Come, bring your items, even a photo is good if the item is too big – too cumbersome – or a photo on your Tablet is good – (trying to see a photo on a little cell phone is very hard to see!!) We must be able to see it – without a glowing camera flash on the item.  Bring a drawer if it is related – then we can see the wood properly.  

This is very easy – no appointments required – just come, check in with Marian, tell her how many items you are bringing in – $18.00 per item (cash please – no credit cards, no interact), get a receipt, and wait your turn.  Or – register – and go shopping, see the displays, and come back for the assessment.  So Easy!!  

But – don’t forget – we do not assess Coins, Jewellery, Stamps, Guns (but swords are OK), Wrist Watches but Pocket Watches are good, Militaria.



SUMMERLAND MUSEUM & ARCHIVES – Art and Antiques Roadshow



This is the poster for our up-coming roadshow in Summerland.   It tells the whole story.  We hope you can join us.  A portion of each 15 minute assessment is donated to the Summerland Museum and Archives.

And don’t forget – we do not assess jewellery, stamps, coins, militaria, guns and wristwatches, but swords and pocket watches are good.

See you soon.

October 11th, 2018, 10:00 am  5:00 pm

“Antiques in the Attic”


9201 Corbould Street,    604-391-7469.

Art and Antiques Identification Day

Thursday, October 11th, 2018  – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Fee – $45.00 – a portion of all proceeds goes to the Chilliwack Arts Centre.

Call 604-391-7469 – reserve your space for fifteen minute sessions.  

Verbal Opinion-of-Value Appraisals

Are your trinkets trash or treasure?  

Come to the Cultural Centre, watch the appraisals and meet others who also have interesting items/questions on Grandma’s favourite teapot, vase, statue, sterling silver or maybe another ‘out of this world’ painting. “You know the story of the Tom Thompson work of art – found in Vernon – and was later sold at Heffel Fine Art Auction House for a rather good price last May,” shares appraiser Marian Blundell. Maybe this could be you!

Do you have one of these little hidden gems? You can ask Marian and Peter anything, but you only have 15 minutes for each appointment, with a maximum of three items per session. You can always book a second or third appointment though!

Downsizing? Yes, we are all doing that believe it or not. Now is a great time for those questions – How to sort? – How to organize? What is good? What is Salvation Army /Value Village/Recycling centres. Dust it off! Unwrap it from the forgotten tucked away box! That painting hanging behind the furnace.

Planning a garage sale soon? It may be October but not too late!  If you are not sure about an item– check with Marian and Peter at the appraisal day. They know the value!!!

Don’t forget furniture! Yes, they do that also. If it is too big to bring, then take a photo, measurements, and bring a drawer with you so they can check for age.

Appointments required – call 604-391-7469 – 15 minute appointments – Peter will look at up to three items – (15 minutes passes very quickly).  Verbal Opinion-of-value.  You will be given paper to take notes.  

Idea – Phone the Box Office – 604-391-7469 – make an appointment, and tell the office people what you will be bringing in to show them.  They will ask you to take a photo of it and email it to the Centre who will forward it to the Blundells.   Peter and Marian will try and do pre-show research.  The photos can be very helpful.  That creates more time to talk with you, look at your items,  and ‘usually‘ works very well.  If you bring in a painting – who is the artist?  Again, pre-show research is needed.   Send a photo with the signature to the Arts Centre.  No signature?  That’s fine.  Peter will examine it and discuss with you what it’s value might be.

If you have a piece of sterling silver, check to see what the marks are.  Take a close up photo – send it to the office who will forward it to Peter – again, pre-show research.  Your item will be weighed and analyzed.

Furniture, check to see if there are any signatures or labels – if it is too large to bring to the show, take a photo, send it to the Arts Centre.

Reminder – Peter does not appraise guns – swords are good, coins, stamps, jewellery, wrist watches but pocket watches are fine, Oriental rugs and old books (dust allergies), militaria, items over 400 years old (often reproductions).

All this will be discussed with the Arts Centre Box Office people when you call.

And of course, don’t just come with your items and leave!! – take time, sit back and enjoy the whole process, see what other people have.  You can stay as long as you wish.

Peter and Marian look forward to meeting you.  This will be the sixth time they have been to the Chilliwack Arts Centre and are really looking forward to returning again this year.





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