Vernon Museum – Appraisal Day – September 15th – All Day


VERNON MUSEUM AND ARCHIVES – Art and Antiques Roadshow 

September 15th – Every 15 minutes – at the Vernon Museum, 3009 32nd Ave. 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Fall is just around the corner, the sizzling heat and smoke will soon be a thing of the past.  We are joining up with the Vernon Museum – September 15th  –  from 10:30am to 4:30 pm – to view and assess your hidden art, antiques, sterling silver, treasures, and your summer garage sale finds. And there are always some good finds to be found!

Come to the Art & Antique Appraisal Day at the Vernon Museum, watch the appraisals and meet others who also have interesting items/questions on Grandma’s favourite teapot, vase, statue, sterling silver or maybe another ‘out of this world’ painting.  “You probably know the story of the Tom Thompson work of art – found in Vernon – and was later sold at Heffel Fine Art Auction House in Toronto for a rather good price last May.”  Maybe this could be you!!

Do you have one of these little hidden gems? You can ask us anything, but you only have 15 minutes for each appointment, up to a maximum of three items per session. You can always book a second or third appointment for more items!

Downsizing? Yes, we are all doing that believe it or not. Now is a great time for those questions – How to sort? – How to organize? What is good? What is Salvation Army /Value Village/The Schubert Centre Recycling/Gleaners. Dust it off! Unwrap it from the forgotten tucked away box! That painting hanging behind the furnace.  Still planning a garage sale?  If you are not sure about an item– check with us at the appraisal day. We will do our best!!! Have your questions ready!!

Don’t forget furniture! Yes, we do that also. If it is too big to bring, then take a photo, measurements, and bring a drawer with you so we can check for age.  Yes, there are many furniture reproductions in the marketplace.

A 15 minute appointment is $50.00 for a Verbal-Opinion-of-Value Assessment  up to three items maximum.  Some items may take longer so fewer items for us to look at!  The clock rules.

Call the Vernon Museum at 250-542-3142 to book your appointment, and tell them what you are bringing, send them photos of each item including any signatures so they can send to us the photos so we can pre-research your items – saves time!!   Fifteen minutes goes by very fast!!  Pre-payment is required to reserve your spot. We ask that photos be sent to the museum at time of registration to allow us to do pre-show research.  This process really works!! We know from experience from many past appraisal days!!  For more information please call the museum, visit or find us on their facebook.

If you are looking for a full written appraisal which you need for insurance purposes, estate purposes, etc., email us for all the details.

Please note, we do not assess jewellery, coins, guns (swords are okay), stamps, wrist watches (pocket watches are good) or items over 400 years old.  Often those are rocks that have been found in far off locations by a relative with a great story! – unfortunately we cannot do that kind of research.