– Fall 2017 –

2017 Summer – and What a Summer it was!!  Smoke – Everywhere.  

                                All across the Province – Everywhere.  

Yes, fire season certainly came this year, and until the snow flies, is still here!! So don’t forget to check your insurance policy again this year – read the fine print – right to the last line!  You might find a surprise – just about all policies have limitations – sometimes only $5000 for art AND antiques.   You may need a rider for these, and for that you will require a full written appraisal with photos, measurements that is less than 5 years old.

A video will not help in the case of a claim – only a reminder of what you lost.   This is so important!!!

Yes, reading it right to the end can be tiresome – but do so!  I often suggest starting at the end of your policy.

We were very busy this summer!!  Fires all around us as you know.  AND we lost a few homes here in the Okanagan Valley.  We shall not forget!  So many homes were lost.

And the extra stress burden often creates divorces – yes, divorces.  The division of your property and the value will become very important – today’s true value of your art, furniture and collectibles.

And as we age, we are all thinking about downsizing – the value – what to do with the stuff!!  A very big question.  Can we really expect our grown children to accept it all, fine a place in their homes for it all, and to love it – as we have done?  All those neat collections of stuff we gathered over the years going from antiques shop to shop city to city in our travels – the hunt??  Everything has changed!  Now what!!

What is true Value?

That is our business – that is what we do – research, research and more research – beyond computers and eBay and all the rest out there in the world wide marketplace.

Call or email with any questions. 250-542-4540.