Article – Penticton Herald/Kelowna Daily Courier May 29 2015

The following article appeared in the above paper (with an image of Peter looking up at a ‘treasure’) at a sold out event at the Kelowna Art Gallery.  It was a great day for all.   He will be back at the Kelowna Art Gallery for two days on September 18 and 19th.  More details to follow.


Peter Blundell, Art and Antiques Appraiser, looks over a black glass case made by Lalique during the ‘Treasures from the Attic’ event at the Kelowna Art Gallery on Friday.  People could bring in up to three items for Blundell to offer opinions on their value, whether they were antiques, collectables, original art and prints or reproductions.

The heirloom was one of many precious and unique items presented to the appraiser Friday when the Kelowna Art Gallery hosted  a show by Peter and Marian Blundell, touring Canadian professional appraisers.  Fascinated by antiques since 1969, the Blundells operated various antique stores in Ontario before becoming professional appraisers in 1994 and taking the trade on the road.

Since being certified, Peter Blundell was been hired by the Canadian Antiques Road Show, toured Canada on Road Show-type appraisal events, lectured antique seminars and written three books on antique furniture.

“Recently in Vancouver, I was presented with a painting which valued at $1.5 million,” he said.  “This is not, however, unusual.  In the last six months, I have been presented with over 3,000 paintings.  A painting worth over $1 million is not extraordinary.”  Yet most owners have no intention of selling their precious items, often due to their sentimental value.

However, appraisals such as Friday’s are not important for insurance purposes.

To learn how to have your items appraised by the Blundells, email them at or call 250-542-4540.

Kathryn Helmore

Penticton Herald/Kelowna Daily Courier, May 29, 2015