Vernon Public Art Gallery – November 17th, 2016, Art and Antiques Identification Day


NOVEMBER 17, 2016  –  Verbal Opinions-of-Value


with Peter and Marian Blundell

The Vernon Public Art Gallery, 3228 31st Avenue, Vernon, 

October 20th, THURSDAY, 10:00 to 4:30

A portion of all proceeds goes to the Vernon Art Gallery for ongoing programmes.

Fee – $40.00 for members, $50.00 for non members – a 15 minute appointment – up to three items or as time allows.

Appointments required – call (250) 545-3173 – 15 minute appointments – the Blundells will look at up to three items – (15 minutes passes very quickly).  Verbal Opinion-of-value.  You will be given paper to take notes.  If you wish to bring in more items – make two appointments for 30 minutes.    

Your Questions  –  What to bring??  Downsizing??  Preparing to move??  Considering future donations??  Mom’s favourite painting? 

These are all very important reasons to consider having Peter and his wife Marian discuss your objects, what is it?, value?, why?, today’s art and antiques retail market? what’s happening? 

The Blundells try to keep up-to-date on the world of art, antiques and collectibles. And it is a huge world!

“What to do with all my stuff??!!”  Our children do not really want it – their homes are full of their own stuff!  Family’s dinner service, only used for special occasions, now I have it!  Now what?

These are all huge questions – And your inherited art pieces – always told they are going to be worth something big!!  Well – today has arrived – is it?  Another important question!

Peter and Marian will be available to help answer so many questions, give advice, and value of course.  Is it worth going the next stage and having it added to your insurance policy?   The Blundells must see it to do the job properly.   No internet photos, No photos – the real object is required.

When you make your appointment, please tell the phone person what you are bringing, if it is an art piece – who is the artist? (if you can read the signature – if you can’t bring it anyways).  Furniture – if it is too big for your car, take some photos; check to see if there is a furniture maker stamp on the back, inside a drawer – if so, take a photo.  Bring a drawer if there is one (then Peter and Marian can really check the age – furniture is so heavily reproduced).

Reminder – Peter does not appraise guns, coins, stamps, jewellery, wrist watches but pocket watches are fine, Oriental rugs and old books (dust allergies), items over 400 years old (often reproductions).

If you are considering having the Blundells come to your home for a proper written appraisal with photos, research, etc., please call or email the Blundells – 250-542-4540 for all the details.

Hope to see you soon in Vernon.

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