Are you ready? – keeping up-to-date on all the activities in the world of Art and Antiques.  So much exciting things is happening in this world.  All the magazines, all the books (yes the books!!) even watching Philip Mould on the TV and his art discoveries – so exciting – the hunt.  And that is what it is really all about – The Hunt – for the unusual, for Philip – the hidden painting under the painting – for that hidden treasure.

The antiques and collectible shows floating around the country – you must keep up to date on those.  There is one coming at the end of the month here in Vernon and we with a friend are going to participate.  Yes, we have our favourite items purchased way back in time – it is now time to move them along to someone else who will love them dearly for the next little while and give us a chance to find replacements for those.   And the world of antiques and collectibles moves quietly along.

In every store/show we visit, there is always a treasure sitting there waiting for the right buyer.  And the more shops you visit, the more ‘deals’ you find!!  and the more you learn.  Ask questions.  Impossible for the dealers to know everything about their stuff – impossible – we know – we were dealers for many years in Schomberg, Ontario – and yes, we remember for we have learned about some of those deals – and that is the life of an antiques dealer.

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