Kelowna Art Gallery – this coming Saturday – September 19th – here we come again!! And at Vernon’s Art Gallery – Thursday, September 24th

Saturday, September 19th – fast approaching – for us to appear at the Kelowna Art Gallery – all day, 15 minute appointments – Verbal Opinion-of-Value – phone 250-762-2226 for appointment, ruled by the clock, up to three items.  This is an unexpected date for us as we completely  sold out back in May – certainly not a first occasion for selling out at the Gallery – but it certainly makes us feel really good!!!  What the heck is all this stuff really worth?  We see all these look-a-likes on the TV roadshows – and 98% of the times the item you think is what you just saw on the TV is probably not quite the same thing or the condition, something is missing, a big scratch, a water mark, or a dry air crack down the side in the wood of the piece of furniture, or it is not quite as old as the one on the TV – this all makes such a huge difference.  Why??  Well, today when we go on the hunt for stuff, we do seem to be looking for perfection today.  Us too!!   Over the years of collecting, owning our own stores for many years, more researching, we have learned, and today, the end result, we are always looking for something better, more unusual, more rare – and on it goes…..

Time to dig out those neat pieces, call for an appointment, and come, watch, learn — won’t write go away happy!  Cannot do that but then you will know and can pass on the information to your family, friends, whoever.

Last weekend we were at the Revelstoke Museum and Archives doing a road show just like Kelowna’s Art Gallery on Saturday will be and next week (Thursday, September 24) at Vernon’s Art Gallery, and o my, we saw some fantastic items.  We were thrilled to have been invited to the Museum to share our knowledge (and to visit their basement and their new rolling shelves – wow!  What a way to gain space for a very over crowded museum (like most museums).

Revelstoke – such a beautifully restored little city – and all the heritage buildings.  Visiting Revelstoke reminds us of the power of restoration and the power of the tourist dollar! – we stayed with friends in a 1912 restored home – what can we say – we were thrilled with the honour.

Hopefully we just might see you in Kelowna or Vernon the Thursday after.  Will keep you posted on how the Kelowna show went.  Until then.

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