Revelstoke Museum and Archives – We are coming Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th

Antiques Roadshow – at the Revelstoke Museum and Archives – Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, with Peter S. Blundell AA, Independent Art and Antiques Appraiser

Can’t believe those hot summer days have almost passed and here it is, September, wow!! and our first Fall Road Show all planned for Revelstoke Museum and Archives, 315 First St. West, downtown Revelstoke, and we can hardly wait.  If you are in the area of Revelstoke, or fancy a weekend getaway – now is the time to call the Museum and book your 15 minute appointment for our Verbal Opinion-of-Value for one of your treasures.  (1-250-837-3067)  There is time for three articles, maybe, depending on what they are.  If one is sterling silver – that takes time in looking up the mark.  If it is an original painting, when you phone for your appointment, please tell the person at the other end the artist’s name, then when we are told all that is being brought in, we can do some preshow research on the artist to save time.   At these shows we do, everything is ruled by the clock!  And don’t forget furniture – if you can carry it – bring it – if you cannot carry – take a photo, measurements or if there is a drawer – bring that with the photo.  All sorts of ways.

Peter does not look at everything – he does not assess jewellery, coins, stamps, guns (but swords are OK),  no wristwatches (but pocket watches are fine), no militaria, and items over 400 years old.  For those, one needs a lab to do proper research – something we do not have at these shows.

These shows are fun to do (for us), for you to learn, whether it is your item or you are just sitting back on the chairs, watching and listening.  There might even be some coffee/tea for your pleasure.

So come on up to Revelstoke, take in all the other weekend activities – this is a Lumbering Show – lots happening.  Check out the Museum’s Webpage – quickly you will see all the upcoming fun things to do – kind of like a Fall Country Fair – so much to do.  See you there!!

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