The Tradex Antiques Show, Abbotsford (with us doing appraisals in the middle) and the Chilliwack Cultural Centre

Well, we just finished two very successful shows in the Lower Mainland last week and have returned refreshed ready to move on.  This ends our shows until early 2016.  The items that were brought to us were amazing.

One item that came to us was a painting – a very nice European style painting – a country scene, little cottage, flowers growing, hills in background, the little passing stream – all perfect.  But something was not right – there was the signature, a well known European signature – old frame, the colouring of the back canvas was wrong – stained over to make it look old – so we took it out of the frame.  Lots of paint, thick brush strokes – so not a giclee!! – right?? – wrong!! – tucked in the far corner (under the frame’s edge so not visible to the eye without removing the frame) – was a very small patch of obvious print – it had been totally painted over very well with the idea of concealing the fact that it was not an original painting – and the signature of course – forged.  Fascinating.

One always must be careful when purchasing art if not through an established art gallery, a respected antiques shop.  And soon many folks are off on the their annual fall cruise – be careful – the art auctions – don’t be fooled, and don’t be taken in with the sales pitch of “Certificate of Authenticity” – this is a wonderful sales tool – at least make sure it is signed and dated!  So much to watch out for.

And of course, you must love it!!  Original art is the Best!!

Chilliwack Cultural Centre – We are coming – October 8th – all day!

The following is our letter to previous clients from past roadshows we have done at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.   Please read, and if you live in the area, come on over and listen, enjoy, and learn.  One always learns at these events, and it is free, maybe there will be some tea or coffee or bring your own.


“Antiques in the Attic” returns to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, 9209 Corbould Street, Chilliwack, 604-391-7469, on Thursday, October 8th – all day.

Peter Blundell is delighted to have been asked to return for his verbal opinion-of-value Appraisal Days – @ $40.00 for a 15 minute appointment, time rules.   Reservations required – call 604-391-7469 (Box office number) or in person. Please visit – check the Calendar for more details.

With Fall finally here, a great time to check out those china cabinets, closets, the attic or basement. It is not just art that Peter appraises!!

A reminder – he does not look at jewellery, coins, stamps, guns – swords are good, militaria (medals), no wrist watches but pocket watches are fine, antiquities over 500 years old – they need laboratory testing – not possible here.

If the item is too big – furniture – take a picture and bring it to the show with the measurements; bring a drawer. If it is a china dinner set – bring one piece with the best maker’s mark, count up all the pieces, and bring it to the show. This will save valuable time.

Please check out Peter’s web page. – (always a little under construction).

A portion of all the sales goes straight to the Cultural Centre.

If you are wishing a full in-your-home written appraisal, please call him soon 250-542-4540 or email. Peter and his wife Marian will be in the lower mainland for two weeks so there is good time to prepare for an appointment.

Peter thanks you very much for allowing him to email this to you re: this upcoming event in Chilliwack. Please tell your friends.

Please email if you wish to have your name removed from Peter’s list.

Peter and Marian look forward to seeing you again. Many thanks.