Chilliwack Cultural Centre – We are coming – October 8th – all day!

The following is our letter to previous clients from past roadshows we have done at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.   Please read, and if you live in the area, come on over and listen, enjoy, and learn.  One always learns at these events, and it is free, maybe there will be some tea or coffee or bring your own.


“Antiques in the Attic” returns to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, 9209 Corbould Street, Chilliwack, 604-391-7469, on Thursday, October 8th – all day.

Peter Blundell is delighted to have been asked to return for his verbal opinion-of-value Appraisal Days – @ $40.00 for a 15 minute appointment, time rules.   Reservations required – call 604-391-7469 (Box office number) or in person. Please visit – check the Calendar for more details.

With Fall finally here, a great time to check out those china cabinets, closets, the attic or basement. It is not just art that Peter appraises!!

A reminder – he does not look at jewellery, coins, stamps, guns – swords are good, militaria (medals), no wrist watches but pocket watches are fine, antiquities over 500 years old – they need laboratory testing – not possible here.

If the item is too big – furniture – take a picture and bring it to the show with the measurements; bring a drawer. If it is a china dinner set – bring one piece with the best maker’s mark, count up all the pieces, and bring it to the show. This will save valuable time.

Please check out Peter’s web page. – (always a little under construction).

A portion of all the sales goes straight to the Cultural Centre.

If you are wishing a full in-your-home written appraisal, please call him soon 250-542-4540 or email. Peter and his wife Marian will be in the lower mainland for two weeks so there is good time to prepare for an appointment.

Peter thanks you very much for allowing him to email this to you re: this upcoming event in Chilliwack. Please tell your friends.

Please email if you wish to have your name removed from Peter’s list.

Peter and Marian look forward to seeing you again. Many thanks.























Antiques Show and Identification Clinic At the Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford, October 3 & 4 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday; 10:00 to 4:00 on Sunday.

The following is our email to previous clients at past antiques shows held at the Tradex Exhibition Centre or other locations in the Lower Mainland over the past many years – the only antiques shows we bring Identification Clinics to – and for just $12.00 per item, no GST, cash with written receipts.

Four days later after the Tradex, we will be at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on Thursday October 8th – for another roadshow – Reservations required – call 604-391-7469 or in person for 15 minute appointments, up to three items ruled by the clock, verbal opinion-of-value. Please visit their webpage calendar for more details.

For the past two weeks we have done roadshows at the  Kelowna Art Gallery – sold out!! and the Vernon Art Gallery – two spaces to go so almost sold out!!

And now we head to the Lower Mainland

Vintage Retro & Antiques Market – October 3 & 4 – at the Tradex, Abbotsford, B.C. Saturday and Sunday – 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday; 10:00 to 4:00 on Sunday.

Hello everyone – it is Fall!! Can’t believe it – the days are getting cooler. And now is a great time to check out those china cabinets, closets, the attic or basement. Yes, we are returning to the Tradex this coming weekend!! Saturday and Sunday, October 3 & 4 – adjacent to the Abbotsford International Airport – 1190 Cornell Street, Abbotsford.

This great Antiques Show is back at the Tradex – and “Antiques Identification Clinic” with myself, Peter S. Blundell AA, Independent Art and Antiques Appraiser, and my wife, Marian CPPA, to help you sort out and assess your items – verbal opinion-of-values.

Fee – $12.00 per item – cash with written receipt – no GST!

A little reminder – I do not look at coins, jewellery, stamps, guns – but swords are OK, wrist watches no – but pocket watches are just fine, and anything over 500 years old – that needs to be scientifically examined for age – so not at this show.

If you are wishing a full written appraisal, please email Peter and Marian with all your details very soon, then we can talk and set up an appointment.  We will be in the Lower Mainland for nearly two weeks so time to chose an appraisal day.

And don’t forget, at the show, these are all dealers also looking to buy!

Email – – needs a little updating! (always)  –  Read my blog with info, my past thoughts.

Check out the show and future shows –

Hopefully we will see you at one of the shows!  Cheers – Marian and Peter Blundell



Art and Antiques Roadshow” – Vernon Art Gallery – Thursday, Sept. 24th – we are back!

We are so delighted to be back at the Vernon Art Gallery this coming Thursday, September 24th to be part of all their fantastic activities.

The following is the ad taken from the VPAG’s webpage – cannot improve upon it!!  but have added an addition at the end!

“Vernon’s Art and Antique Roadshow; a spectator sport; come and watch all day! VPAG welcomes Peter Blundell of Blundell Art and Antiques Appraisals in Vernon, for another fascinating art and antique appraisal session. Bring your artworks, antiques, collectibles to the Gallery and let Peter reveal information about the artist, age, origin, value and so much more. Up to three items permitted per 15-minute booking, $40/members, $50/non-members (+tax) per session, with part proceeds going to the VPAG. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. (Pocket watches and swords are permitted but Peter will not assess jewellery, guns, stamps, coins, wrist watches, militaria, or items over 400 years old).”

Call 250-545-3173 for your appointment.

I add here that this is a “verbal opinion-of-value” day, not a “proper insurance appraisal” day.  However, this process lets you meet him, get to know him, and perhaps a proper appraisal will be required and that can all be discussed at the time.

So, if you are reading this, hope you can come – be a spectator – or make an appointment to come and really be part of it all.  We just finished an Appraisal Day at the Kelowna Art Gallery yesterday – again – another sellout and names were taken for next year’s event.  It was an excellent day.


Kelowna Art Gallery – this coming Saturday – September 19th – here we come again!! And at Vernon’s Art Gallery – Thursday, September 24th

Saturday, September 19th – fast approaching – for us to appear at the Kelowna Art Gallery – all day, 15 minute appointments – Verbal Opinion-of-Value – phone 250-762-2226 for appointment, ruled by the clock, up to three items.  This is an unexpected date for us as we completely  sold out back in May – certainly not a first occasion for selling out at the Gallery – but it certainly makes us feel really good!!!  What the heck is all this stuff really worth?  We see all these look-a-likes on the TV roadshows – and 98% of the times the item you think is what you just saw on the TV is probably not quite the same thing or the condition, something is missing, a big scratch, a water mark, or a dry air crack down the side in the wood of the piece of furniture, or it is not quite as old as the one on the TV – this all makes such a huge difference.  Why??  Well, today when we go on the hunt for stuff, we do seem to be looking for perfection today.  Us too!!   Over the years of collecting, owning our own stores for many years, more researching, we have learned, and today, the end result, we are always looking for something better, more unusual, more rare – and on it goes…..

Time to dig out those neat pieces, call for an appointment, and come, watch, learn — won’t write go away happy!  Cannot do that but then you will know and can pass on the information to your family, friends, whoever.

Last weekend we were at the Revelstoke Museum and Archives doing a road show just like Kelowna’s Art Gallery on Saturday will be and next week (Thursday, September 24) at Vernon’s Art Gallery, and o my, we saw some fantastic items.  We were thrilled to have been invited to the Museum to share our knowledge (and to visit their basement and their new rolling shelves – wow!  What a way to gain space for a very over crowded museum (like most museums).

Revelstoke – such a beautifully restored little city – and all the heritage buildings.  Visiting Revelstoke reminds us of the power of restoration and the power of the tourist dollar! – we stayed with friends in a 1912 restored home – what can we say – we were thrilled with the honour.

Hopefully we just might see you in Kelowna or Vernon the Thursday after.  Will keep you posted on how the Kelowna show went.  Until then.

Revelstoke Museum and Archives – We are coming Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th

Antiques Roadshow – at the Revelstoke Museum and Archives – Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, with Peter S. Blundell AA, Independent Art and Antiques Appraiser

Can’t believe those hot summer days have almost passed and here it is, September, wow!! and our first Fall Road Show all planned for Revelstoke Museum and Archives, 315 First St. West, downtown Revelstoke, and we can hardly wait.  If you are in the area of Revelstoke, or fancy a weekend getaway – now is the time to call the Museum and book your 15 minute appointment for our Verbal Opinion-of-Value for one of your treasures.  (1-250-837-3067)  There is time for three articles, maybe, depending on what they are.  If one is sterling silver – that takes time in looking up the mark.  If it is an original painting, when you phone for your appointment, please tell the person at the other end the artist’s name, then when we are told all that is being brought in, we can do some preshow research on the artist to save time.   At these shows we do, everything is ruled by the clock!  And don’t forget furniture – if you can carry it – bring it – if you cannot carry – take a photo, measurements or if there is a drawer – bring that with the photo.  All sorts of ways.

Peter does not look at everything – he does not assess jewellery, coins, stamps, guns (but swords are OK),  no wristwatches (but pocket watches are fine), no militaria, and items over 400 years old.  For those, one needs a lab to do proper research – something we do not have at these shows.

These shows are fun to do (for us), for you to learn, whether it is your item or you are just sitting back on the chairs, watching and listening.  There might even be some coffee/tea for your pleasure.

So come on up to Revelstoke, take in all the other weekend activities – this is a Lumbering Show – lots happening.  Check out the Museum’s Webpage – quickly you will see all the upcoming fun things to do – kind of like a Fall Country Fair – so much to do.  See you there!!

I am coming to the Kelowna Art Gallery, September 19th – all day.

EPSON007This was published in – small print but easier to read on the web page – had to show it off, organized by the Art Gallery.  This is always a great show for us, and a follow up to a sold out show back in June.  Appointments need to be made through the gallery.  Lots more details though on my ‘Upcoming Shows”.

Calendar of Events


For Verbal Opinion-of-Value Appraisals.  

Fees vary.

These are for Verbal Opinion-of-Values – this process cannot be used for insurance legal purposes. Appointments are required for all – payment when registering – to guarantee you a spot.

These assessments give you an idea of its value. Should you go to the next stage for a full written appraisal for insurance, estate, legal purposes, etc., Peter and Marian do complete in-home full written (with photos and measurements) appraisals for insurance, donation, estate, divorce, downsizing, selling and other legal purposes.  Today insurance companies are wanting up-dated policies every five years – something to think about.  The market is changing so quickly, and there is always the threat of fire hanging over our heads.  Peter and Marian are both fully accredited Independent Appraisers – do not buy nor sell – just appraise – so there are no conflicts.

Peter and Marian do not assess jewellery, stamps, coins, guns, but swords are fine, wrist watches but pocket watches are fine, militaria, items over 400 years old.

They appraise just about everything else what with their huge reference library (which comes to the shows with them) – art, silver, furniture (has written 3 books and 1 ebook), glass, china, pottery, collectibles. With their books and the internet – they are able to find just about all the answers you are looking for. Not everything is on the internet.

Bring your items and show them to Peter and Marian.

Spend the day watching and learning what others have brought in.

Are you an organization/fun group looking for a Fund Raising Opportunity?  Call or email Peter for all the details on how this process works.

Come to one of these Events and watch.



1.  February 19th and 20th, 2016

      Piccadilly Mall, 1151 – 10 Avenue S.W.

      Salmon Arm, B.C. 

Come and help celebrate Heritage Week –  

       10:00 to 4:30 each day.

Marian and Peter have been coming to this Event for the past many years in Salmon Arm, an event they have enjoyed participating with.  It is a Fundraising Event helping the RJ Haney Heritage Village and Museum and various community organizations in Salmon Arm.

For more details of the other Mall activities, just go to the Piccadilly Mall and Events on their website.  They are mentioned and there is one slight change to the ad – GST is included in the fee per item but more details of that to follow here.  Keep reading!!

They will be set up in front of “Jane’s Place”, a great little restaurant with their tables, reference books  – you won’t be able to miss them.

What are they doing?  Very simple – This is a Roadshow for Art and Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage – and Peter and Marian will be giving verbal opinion-of-values for each item they assess.

The Fee – $15.00 per item Cash (Includes GST).

No appointments.  Bring as many items as you wish – fee per item.  Come to Peter and Marian’s table by “Janes Place”, register, go and see all the happenings, or/both, sit, watch, listen to Peter and you just might learn something very interesting about whatever article Peter is assessing at that time.

As mentioned above, they do not assess Coins, Jewellery, Stamps, Guns (but swords are OK), Wrist Watches but Pocket Watches are good, Militaria, items over 400 years old (they are often reproductions – no matter what great story comes with the item!)

Furniture? – if it is too large  to handle, take a photo, bring a drawer if there is one, then Peter and Marian can actually see the wood.  With so many reproductions, this makes a huge difference to value.


2.  February 26th  and 27th, 2016  

     Antiques and Collectibles Show

Vernon Museum, held at the Rec Centre

3310 – 37th Avenue, Vernon.

 Friday – 3:00 pm to 8:pm 

Saturday – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

$3.00 admission

This is the Museum’s 21st Annual Antiques and Collectibles show, and the Blundells with a friend will be present with their tables, having fun and selling some of their own items they have purchased in the past.

Come on down and have fun, go shopping!  Who knows what might be for sale at a show like this!

And NO – we will not be doing appraising this time!!