Limited Edition Prints


Limited Edition Prints have been first and foremost a huge disappointment from an investment point of view. The world is full of people who want to get rich quick. Limited Editions have shown to be not a superb investment. They are prints, and sometimes an individual print has been created thousands of times – almost like a poster – yes, signed by the artist and numbered – but automatic signing machines were invented around 1900, and still in use today.

Think twice before investing good money into a picture that has a large number. In theory, 400 and smaller are good numbers. But is the artist really going to sign 400 copies? That is hard on the fingers.

In another life I had a good customer who bought Limited Edition prints in multiples of 10 or more and then stored these prints under his bed. Guess what? Yes, the mice got in, ate the edges and peed on the images. I received the inevitable call as he was in the troubling position of trying to grapple with the insurance company who were being very cautious on approving his claim. Their difficulty was with the lack of uniformity in the nibbling and my good customer had not made any attempt to protect the collection.

Always protect your art in a clean environment. Less chances for damage.

My last words of advice on this – if you love the print – ready to frame and hang it on your wall in a very visible spot – then it is a good investment! Enjoy!

Up Down Crash and Clash

As an appraiser, I am painfully aware of the fluctuations of the market place.

In 1980 I wrote my first book “The Market Place Guide to Oak Furniture” which was very successful. With this book and the following ones, I put out price guides for each piece of furniture in 1980, 1985, 1997.

For my initial valuations, I took slide shows back to Toronto and copious amounts of notes. In the areas I originally visited, I gave each dealer 30 seconds to come up with a value of their piece of furniture I had just recorded and taken photos of for possible placement in the book. The consistency of the answers I received was quite astounding. The dealers were quite unanimous in their opinions, and I wrote down their answers. Sometimes I found there were anomalies. I discounted those areas and disagreed with the others. Much was gathered and values became quite consistent.

In 2008 the stock market crashed to everyone’s surprise along with the antiques and collectibles market. The market has gradually returned slightly but after the crash there are other demographic groups that have come into play. Minimalists and Millennials – neither have adopted antiques – recycling yes, but not antiques and collectibles. Ikea has done a brilliant job on these people.

There has been a slowdown in the antiques marketplace. Those Baby Boomers – who we love and trust – have no more room in their homes, and are beginning to downsize – move to smaller quarters – their children? – well, they are inheriting an awful lot of ‘stuff’ and they have their own ‘stuff’ – and perhaps they are not up-to-date on values of this new ‘stuff’ nor perhaps do they really appreciate this ‘stuff’ nor want to.

If you are considering downsizing, what to do with everything – that is what we do.  Come in and help, give suggestions, research on today’s values, take plenty of photos, write reports, give verbal opinions – what is rubbish – beyond Salvation Army.

Discuss with your children what your ‘stuff’ is all about.  What it means? Family connection? Made by a family member?  Dates.  Write it down.  Teach your children today.   Help them appreciate what you have.  We can write reports for your children along with yourself – make sure the facts are correct!  And this is a wonderful way to connect closer to your family.

Downsizing today has become the normal.

Today, buying antiques and collectibles has become a very good deal!!  Check out your local auction houses, antiques stores, ask the dealers why prices are where they are!  And the thrift stores – bargains galore – but knowledge of all is utmost important – not eBay knowledge – real life knowledge.


Seller’s Market – Buy home, and antiques – TV Show –

This is a new television programme filmed in Kelowna over the past few months – shown on CHEK television out of Victoria, but shown on ‘ – Kelowna News’ – every Wednesday.  If you go to ‘Seller’s’ – you will get all the past shows.  But this programme called  – “Buy home, and Antiques” brought us in to appraise a lot of furniture and collectibles – the purpose was to give a general Fair Market Value for today – the owner wishing to sell the house furnished – as he and his wife had built this home back in the 70’s and furnished it with antiques – which did fit this house very well.  And we are mentioned at the end of the show. That is why I hope you will be able to listen to it.  Please enjoy.  Also go to:

Seller’s Market – Buy Home and Antiques

A new television programme filmed in Kelowna, being offered every Wednesday on Castanet – or on CHEK – Victoria – go to this webpage – really interesting, we were part of the evaluation of the antiques that were shown – aired November 8, 2017.  Please enjoy.



What a 2017 summer!!

We have had a very busy summer probably sparked by the visibility of the smoke caused by the wild fires and floods which reminded us of the fragility that we all shared of the possibility of true loss.  This has been a worst fire and flood season that B.C. has ever seen.  Insurance claims have gone ‘through the roof’.  We were attempting  to have a family camping holiday to Haida Gwaii but due to wild fire road closures, postponed until next year – hopefully.

We have been very busy with appraisal work.  There has definitely been a spike in the enquiries for our services.

There are many varieties of appraisals – Insurance Value (Replacement Cost Comparable), estimate of Value for Estate Purposes (Fair Market Value), Division of Property, and Downsizing – a huge modern subject.

We are all aging at the same time – Baby Boomers – and we collect stuff!! (or we used to!)  We hunt through the shops, we love garage sales, Kijiji and all the online auction sales.  Our local auction houses are stacked-in with stuff – waiting for their ‘antiques and collectibles’ auction held every few months.  Wow!  And these can be wonderful! for neat stuff, often great (low) prices – but don’t forget all the extras that are added onto the auction hammer price – lots for thinking about.  Then there are our children who are mostly not interested in what we love – (so annoying) or their homes are full to the rafters – now what?  Yep – the Baby Boomers –

And we – Marian and Peter- understand totally for we are all of the above!!  and perhaps we can help you!

It always surprises me that people would spend like ‘drunken sailors’ at auctions, then not have an inkling of how much it is really worth.  Which reminds me of a friend who used to work on the cruise ships where once the auctioneers were arrested by the police upon home port arrival for fraud by ‘bouncing off the walls’ for bids (often called chandelier bidding).  This happens where people get loaded with alcohol which softens the judgement when buying at auction.  It is strictly “Buyer Beware” – and do Beware – it is cruise season again and we know the joys of the fantastic all-you-can-eat buffets and the accompanying liquid!  Just be careful – our advice to cruisers.

Chilliwack Arts Centre – Art and Antiques Roadshow

CHILLIWACK ARTS CENTRE – 9201 Corbould Street, 604-391-7469.

Art and Antiques Identification Day

Thursday, October 5th, 2017  – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Fee – $45.00 – a portion of all proceeds goes to the Chilliwack Arts Centre.

Call 604-391-7469 – reserve your space for fifteen minute sessions.  

Verbal Opinion-of-Value Appraisals

Are your trinkets trash or treasure?

Appointments required – call 604-391-7469 – 15 minute appointments – Peter will look at up to three items – (15 minutes passes very quickly).  Verbal Opinion-of-value.  You will be given paper to take notes.  

Idea – Phone the Box Office – 604-391-7469 – make an appointment, and tell the office people what you will be bringing in to show Peter.  They might ask you to take a photo of it and email it to the Centre who will forward it to Peter.   Peter and Marian will try and do pre-show research.  The photos can be very helpful.  That creates more time to talk with you, look at your items,  and ‘usually‘ works very well.  If you bring in a painting – who is the artist?  Again, pre-show research is needed.   Send a photo with the signature to the Arts Centre.  No signature?  That’s fine.  Peter will examine it and discuss with you what it’s value might be.

If you have a piece of sterling silver, check to see what the marks are.  Take a close up photo – send it to the office who will forward it to Peter – again, pre-show research.  Your item will be weighed and analyzed.

Furniture, check to see if there are any signatures or labels – if it is too large to bring to the show, take a photo, send it to the Arts Centre.

Reminder – Peter does not appraise guns – swords are good, coins, stamps, jewellery, wrist watches but pocket watches are fine, Oriental rugs and old books (dust allergies), militaria, items over 400 years old (often reproductions).

All this will be discussed with the Arts Centre Box Office people when you call.

And of course, don’t just come with your items and leave!! – take time, sit back and enjoy the whole process, see what other people have.  You can stay as long as you wish.

Peter and Marian look forward to meeting you.  This will be the fifth time they have been to the Chilliwack Arts Centre and are really looking forward to returning again this year.

– Fall 2017 –

2017 Summer – and What a Summer it was!!  Smoke – Everywhere.  

                                All across the Province – Everywhere.  

Yes, fire season certainly came this year, and until the snow flies, is still here!! So don’t forget to check your insurance policy again this year – read the fine print – right to the last line!  You might find a surprise – just about all policies have limitations – sometimes only $5000 for art AND antiques.   You may need a rider for these, and for that you will require a full written appraisal with photos, measurements that is less than 5 years old.

A video will not help in the case of a claim – only a reminder of what you lost.   This is so important!!!

Yes, reading it right to the end can be tiresome – but do so!  I often suggest starting at the end of your policy.

We were very busy this summer!!  Fires all around us as you know.  AND we lost a few homes here in the Okanagan Valley.  We shall not forget!  So many homes were lost.

And the extra stress burden often creates divorces – yes, divorces.  The division of your property and the value will become very important – today’s true value of your art, furniture and collectibles.

And as we age, we are all thinking about downsizing – the value – what to do with the stuff!!  A very big question.  Can we really expect our grown children to accept it all, fine a place in their homes for it all, and to love it – as we have done?  All those neat collections of stuff we gathered over the years going from antiques shop to shop city to city in our travels – the hunt??  Everything has changed!  Now what!!

What is true Value?

That is our business – that is what we do – research, research and more research – beyond computers and eBay and all the rest out there in the world wide marketplace.

Call or email with any questions. 250-542-4540.



Fire Season is over (maybe in the Okanagan) for now!! Fall and Winter are upon us!!

Outside – You have cut the weeds and the left over dead grass after a very hot sizzling summer, cleaned out the eavestroughs, Fall leaves/pine needles all swept up! Everything far away from the house, hoses and sprinklers tucked away for the winter.  You are ready!!!  (Maybe!)

Inside – The furnace is cleaned and checked for any leaks by the experts, the fireplace chimney swept out by the local chimney sweep, window and door seals in place for the cold winter winds – You are ready!!!  (Maybe!)

Your personal collectibles – those precious items you have inherited from a dear relative, the wonderful art pieces you have enjoyed for years – or maybe a new find just purchased and ready to be hung to enjoy on those cold blustery evenings; showing off a great recent purchase to your friends; your bargain finds from the thrift stores, garage sales – whatever!!

Everything is documented!  You are ready!!!  (Maybe!)

Your original watercolours waterproofed from those fire suppressant sprinklers. Yes, the sprinklers are wonderful for saving the house from burning down – but what about all the rest that cannot get wet??

Video of all your rooms? – totally useless! in case of a claim.  Only a memory!


Are You Really Ready??

If you think a video will suffice – think again. It is only a reminder of what you have just lost! Insurance companies want proper details of each item. Your appraisal should be updated every 5 years.

We, Marian and Peter Blundell, appraise before something terrible happens and are both accredited appraisers. We work quickly – Marian takes the photos/measurements and together with extensive research, the report preparation is completed generally in about 4 weeks time, and you get a copy for your Safety Deposit Box or personal safe.

And of course, the divorce, probate, estate, division of property, simple downsizing help, and other legal purposes, perhaps a consultation is all you need? – We do that!  

We do not assess jewellery, coins, stamps, guns (but swords are fine), wrist watches (pocket watches are fine), militaria, items over 500 years old – they need laboratory testing for proof of age.

Any questions? Please call or email anytime for what we do.




Article – Penticton Herald/Kelowna Daily Courier May 29 2015

The following article appeared in the above paper (with an image of Peter looking up at a ‘treasure’) at a sold out event at the Kelowna Art Gallery.  It was a great day for all.   He will be back at the Kelowna Art Gallery for two days on September 18 and 19th.  More details to follow.


Peter Blundell, Art and Antiques Appraiser, looks over a black glass case made by Lalique during the ‘Treasures from the Attic’ event at the Kelowna Art Gallery on Friday.  People could bring in up to three items for Blundell to offer opinions on their value, whether they were antiques, collectables, original art and prints or reproductions.

The heirloom was one of many precious and unique items presented to the appraiser Friday when the Kelowna Art Gallery hosted  a show by Peter and Marian Blundell, touring Canadian professional appraisers.  Fascinated by antiques since 1969, the Blundells operated various antique stores in Ontario before becoming professional appraisers in 1994 and taking the trade on the road.

Since being certified, Peter Blundell was been hired by the Canadian Antiques Road Show, toured Canada on Road Show-type appraisal events, lectured antique seminars and written three books on antique furniture.

“Recently in Vancouver, I was presented with a painting which valued at $1.5 million,” he said.  “This is not, however, unusual.  In the last six months, I have been presented with over 3,000 paintings.  A painting worth over $1 million is not extraordinary.”  Yet most owners have no intention of selling their precious items, often due to their sentimental value.

However, appraisals such as Friday’s are not important for insurance purposes.

To learn how to have your items appraised by the Blundells, email them at or call 250-542-4540.

Kathryn Helmore

Penticton Herald/Kelowna Daily Courier, May 29, 2015

Questions – Questions – More Questions!!!

What questions do YOU have on this Antiques and Art Subject? Probably you want to know it’s worth, something about it, where was it made, when, hand made or machine made, any markings, reproduction – is it brand new?

These are all huge questions.

There is so much ‘stuff’ out there in the market place. Downsizing everywhere. Garage Sales everywhere. Thrift Stores everywhere. Antiques Shops almost everywhere.  The TV Antiques Road Shows on all the time – years old with updated prices > the recent shows. It is all quite daunting!

Where does one start?? The book stores no longer carry much on antiques generally. The libraries – well – that’s another story. Always an Annual Millers 20..?. to be bought, and yes, they are very handy. Our collection of Annual Millers go back to 1988 along with other similar annual reference books.

Have you spent time on Kijiji, Castanet, ebay cruising through stuff? Have you spent time cruising carefully through the thrift stores, antiques stores, antiques shows looking, examining stuff, asking questions, looking for cracks, little chips, signs of age – yes – is it actually old?, comparing what is on the internet for sale, what is being reproduced? Have you paid the extra dollars for what price something actually sold for on the internet? If it did not sell – too bad, you don’t get any price but you were charged for the privilege of finding that out! And where in the world did it sell? Comparing your area’s local prices for sale, makes a difference. If you are in rural countryside, downtown big city, east and west coast of North America – all makes a huge difference.   A local artist who has not well marketed themselves beyond local area/gallery – a big difference when finding out what price artist’s work sold for.  Selling prices are not recorded from little gallery/auction/fund raising scenarios anywhere. Certain big auctions are – those selling prices are known worldwide! Which auctions are these? Where do I find them? How much?

The questions continue.

“How can I sell my stuff. Mine is great! I paid good money for it all in well established venues! I want what I paid for it! Why not? Since I bought mine awhile ago, prices have generally risen everywhere!!!!

“I have read all the stuff over the years – “buy old – you will make a profit when selling!”   Collector Plates – guarantees to buy back – any time! Remember those phrases! You kept the boxes in fine shape – no mice around – kept everything safe and clean – in boxes, in plastic bags under the beds.”

Have you ever said anything similar to the above recently.

Over the years you have created a business/life style/job = income. This is what you have spent your energies on.   Raising your family, hobbies, volunteering here and there, working in your chosen career – the works.   Everyone has – that is how life works in this part of the world!

Peter and Marian Blundell – yes, they too have done the same, however, for them their chosen business did revolve around the whole of antiques and fine art and today, this is still what they specialize in. Both are fully accredited Fine Art and Antiques Appraisers.

But you cannot do everything. And neither have the Blundells. The Blundells do not appraise jewellery, coins, stamps, guns (but swords are OK), wrist watches (but pocket watches are good), militaria, items over 400 years old (they need proper laboratory research to prove the age, the rocks, etc.)

At anytime feel free to email/phone them with any questions, fees-for-service, what actually do you get in a written appraisal for insurance, downsizing, probate, divorce, other legal issues, and of course, how long does it take. Appraisals cannot be done over the internet – they must be seen in ‘real life’. An appraiser can never properly appraise without actually seeing, touching, smelling the item when it comes to antiques.  All these pretty pictures on the web page all were taken by Marian at public road shows.

Ask questions. There may be a day or two before you receive a reply – they will find you!  Marian and Peter Blundell