There are many antique shows and other events which attract people from around both provinces. Peter and Marian Blundell attend many of these events, setting up a booth where people can bring them items to be evaluated.

Peter and Marian truly enjoy these shows - the challenge of not knowing what in the world we are going to see, and meeting the owners of these fine items - from wonderful original artworks, unusual prints, to the different qualities and types of silver, porcelains, glass, pocket watches, swords, furniture from around the world. He does NOT assess jewellery, guns (swords are fine), stamps, coins, wrist watches (pocket watches are fine), militaria (medals, etc).

Since items over 500 years old must be sent to a professional lab for thorough assessment and documentation, Peter is unable to offer a verbal evaluation on such items at the shows. He is however often available to be booked for an in-home visit in order to begin the process of a proper evaluation for such items.

The popularity of the TV roadshows from Canada, the USA and the UK have been wonderful for the whole antiques/second hand/recycling/family treasures world, and have kept so much out of the local dumpsites. Yes, some of the items just might be worth something incredible – and Peter and Marian do find some such pieces at these shows!

The evaluations given at these events are verbal and only available at the shows.

On these occasions, Peter attempts to answer so many of those questions that have been on people's minds – what is this? – any value? – should it be insured? If your wanting to know the value of an item goes beyond simple curiosity and you are really wanting to find a value for insurance purposes, then the next stage is to request an in-home visit to produce a full written appraisal with photos and measurements, after which you will be ready for your insurance company.

Peter invites you to check out his ebook – Marketplace Guide to Oak Furniture - which can be found at www.collectorbooks.com? Take your computer tablet with you when antiquing and use this book as a guide!

Remember – informed knowledge is always the best!


Peter Blundell and his wife Marion enjoy meeting many people across British Columbia, either at antique road shows or in their homes.