The exhilarating hunt for silver is never ‘dull’!!  Some people call it the ‘black gold’. 

The hunt is exciting, but the understanding of the marks from around the world is extremely complicated and takes much digging.  Many countries in the world have different silver qualities and grades and go about the making differently. 

Last year in London, England, we visited the Silver Vaults and were delighted to see the revival of the silver plate market and noted how polished silver was being sold at the Portobello Road Market.  When will Western Canada catch on?  That is the question!

During an appraisal, Peter will weigh all sterling silver pieces with a special silver scale measured usually in troy ounces which is good within 1/10 of a gram. 

Collectors ask Peter what to do with all their fine silver?  Sheffield plate and plated silver such as EPNS or sterling silver?  Enjoy it, polish it, use it today for dinner.  So many of our ‘modern’ children really do not want it nor understand the enjoyment of using it!

Peter’s duty is to keep up to date with the daily ‘spot markets’, new books in the market place, and the internet. 



Peter Blundell and his wife Marion enjoy meeting many people across British Columbia, either at antique road shows or in their homes.