There are many occasions when the general public needs the services of a Professional Appraiser to find out the value of possessions.


No matter who you are, the chances are you have some heirloom items that are valuable to you, or antiques, or something that was passed down to you from generation to generation. Unfortunately, you never know when disaster can strike, so having a professional valuation of your possessions in order to insure them for their proper value is very important.


When an estate is being liquidated, specially in the case of the passing of a family member, utilizing the services of an experienced Professional Appraiser like Peter Blundell can be the difference between letting a valuable asset go at a severely undervalued price and finding a treasure in among the possessions.


When division of assets is required for whatever reason, having a proper valuation of all assets done by a professional appraiser is a must in order to determine the true value of the assets, specially antiques, art, silver, furniture, collectibles, or anything which could be of an unknown value.


In situations where an owner wishes to convert a family heirloom, a painting, or some other item into its cash value, it is important to know its true value, and only an independent professional appraiser can be trusted to assign a fair market value to your possession.


There are more and more instances of our aging population wanting to downsize from the home where they have lived for the past several decades to a facility where it will be easier for them to be cared for. Instead of just having a giant garage sale and possibly giving away some items of great value, it is really worth the homeowner's while to hire Peter Blundell to review all items where value might be an unknown factor. How many times has it been announced in the news that some painting purchased for $2.00 at a garage sale ended up being worth thousands, and sometimes even millions?


Sometimes an owner simply wants to know what that painting inherited from Great Grandpa is really worth in today's world. Or did you find something of particular interest in a garage sale? Or are you just curious as to what that old desk you inherited when grandma passed away could possibly be worth?

Peter and Marian Blundell are happy to visit you in your home to evaluate large items, or large quantities of items. Please note that there is a 2-hour minimum requirement for a home visit.


  • Jewellery
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Guns (swords are accepted)
  • Wrist Watches (pocket watches are fine)
  • Militaria (medals, etc.)
  • Items over 500 years old


Peter Blundell and his wife Marion enjoy meeting many people across British Columbia, either at antique road shows or in their homes.