Yes, it is true, people do find wonderful old, dirty, almost for the garbage, littered about at garage sales, thrift shops, lower end auction houses – to name a few.  The cleaning begins and out pops a National Treasure.  We all gasp, read the stories, and start our own personal little hunt in the marketplace. 

Original Art has gone through many phases.  Many books and TV programmes are being produced on this wonderful subject.  And don’t forget the fakes and ‘pretends’ – for this reason Peter has chosen not to authenticate pictures.  Each painting must be examined carefully, thoughtfully.  Often the back of a painting will reveal more than the front.  The age and the quality of the art work must be considered, even the age of the frame. Original Art comes in many forms today, but in the world of antiques and fine art, original art is usually paintings and watercolours. 

Prints – very much part of our society.  Prints are everywhere, from lithographs all the way through to woodblocks, linocuts, hand-pulled prints, screenprinting, digital, giclée (and more) – all form a part of today’s print market.

Peter’s duty is to determine, through continual research with the help of magazines, books and the internet, visiting galleries wherever he goes, what is happening around the world in these markets.  It is not the job of an appraiser to authenticate works, although this may happen in the process.  It is the appraiser’s job to appraise what is apparent, no guarantees are made of the authenticity of the piece. 



Peter Blundell and his wife Marion enjoy meeting many people across British Columbia, either at antique road shows or in their homes.